Everything started in 2011...

In the city of Aosta in the Aosta Valley in Italy. After a personal use of argan oil from Morocco, country of origin of the creator of the brand "The Old Arganier". who shared with these neighbors this precious oil.

Over the years and after the neighbors' conviction of the quality brought by the future manager of the brand "Le vieux Arganier"; they were starting to order him by asking them to bring back small quantities ... and this is the idea of creating a brand, given the demand thanks to customer satisfaction of the quality and purity of the oil.

2013, the creation of the brand "Le Vieux Arganier"...FLACON PLAS.png

The brand was mainly present in the markets of the cities of the Aost Valley.

After a year of succes or the brand has won over the region, the manager decided to improve the brand, passing on a glass packaging to offer the best packaging.FLACON verr.png

2016, a change of direction...

To develop and win back other markets, "Le Vieux Arganier" had to pass a course and offer these future customers a precious, pure product certified in a luxurious packaging, certified prestige, which will reflect the real image of the brand.

In the same year, "Le Vieux Arganier" developed on the French market where it was able to win despite the aggressive competition of known and multinational brands, "The old Arganier" also knew how to differentiate itself by the quality the purity of its certified cosmetic oil ECOCERT, as well as the design of its packaging which is also certified.

2018, international development...

"Le Vieux Arganier" is developing internationally, and launched on the Australian market thanks to its first exclusive distributor partner "COMPOUNDED ARGAN".A new design and packaging have been reflected to regain the Australian market.